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  • 1.  Document collaboration in Office 365

    Posted 01-26-2022 09:47
    Edited by Radmila Minor 01-31-2022 08:46
    Our workplace uses Office 365. I support a team of 7. The remote environment has completely eliminated the printing of draft documents for proofing, which we used to do a lot.
    In this remote environment, the majority of my team send attachments or hyperlinks to documents in our network via email for the proofing process.
    Others are trying google docs. Some use DropBox.

    We would like to implement a consistent process and ideally optimize what Office 365 has to offer. 
    • What has been your experience with Teams for collaboration on docs?
    • Would my staff have to monitor a Teams inbox along with the emails in Outlook, i.e. when requests come in to review/approve/collaborate?
    • How do you "close" a collaboration in Teams i.e. so that staff know the final document is complete saved on the office network

    Thank you in advance.
    p.s. This forum is such a fantastic place!

    Radmila Minor
    Executive Assistant
    Cdn Society for Medical Laboratory Science

  • 2.  RE: Document collaboration in Office 365

    Posted 02-11-2022 11:40
    Hi Radmila 
    I am just starting to use Teams, so my reply my not be what you are looking for in particular. 
    I do work for government so security of our documents is paramount, when speaking to our IT team (a lot) over the years to find solutions for a paper free environment. What I have found out is to ensure you have and keep control of your documents in a cloud atmosphere. Do research on the different programs you are currently using and see where the service is held as different countries have different definitions for document security. 

    I have been using SharePoint for the last five years and the Farm is hosted with our Main IT and they have full control. It is a project Management program which we have used components to suit our needs. For example we have a document routing system set up for approval, an other one for a group project where all staff are scattered throughout the territory. We have one where a specific set of documents is saved and archived for view only. 
    What I like about it is if you have a need and a good imagination you can break out the components to suit your needs. 
    It is also compatible with 365. 

    When my boss and I want to try the new system we were building in SharePoint, we spoke to our team and asked them what would help them with their day to day work. Then we provided suggestions and discussed as a team the pros and cons. It sounds like a long process but really we had everything we needed to move forward in less than a week. We introduced one site at a time and provided training, then let them get use to it before we introduced the next piece. 

    Hope this helps.

    Tracey Anderson
    Executive Assistant
    Government of Yukon