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Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?

  • 1.  Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?

    Posted 11-09-2023 16:48
    Edited by Carrie Mittelstadt 11-09-2023 16:49

    Our November speaker, Chantel Butt, talked about imposter syndrome and how to turn it around. When you feel like an imposter, get curious! Dig into the feeling. Consider these questions:

    • What do I need to learn in this situation?
    • What is new that I need to get familiar with?
    • What support do I need?
    • What fears are surfacing, and are they valid?
    • How do I want to show up?

    Do you ever get imposter syndrome?

    Carrie Mittelstadt, CCAP, PACE
    President, Edmonton Branch

    Carrie Mittelstadt