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  • 1.  goals for new positions

    Posted 11-25-2022 10:48
    I am coming to my 6th-month evaluation but truly it's only been 4 months as I've been off for medical reasons. My Executive officer has asked that I come with some measurable goals.  Truly I have no idea what to tell her.  I'm at a loss.  I'm not sure how to grow in this position. Does anyone have any suggestions for goals for someone new in an Executive Assistant position, 3 month probation, 6th month and beyond.  I don't want to walk in and appear as if I don't want to grow but I really have no idea. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Gena Kaebe
    Executive Assistant
    Niagara Association of Realtors


  • 2.  RE: goals for new positions

    Posted 11-28-2022 08:56
    It is difficult to set someone's goals, but here are a few suggestions. Firstly, your goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely). 
    1. Your goals should align with your executives strategic plan for the upcoming year.  If you are unsure of their goals/objectives, that is the first conversation you should be having. 
    2. Find a leadership opportunity and work towards it. 
    3. Look at a procedure that you can refine - save time, save $.
    You got this!

    Kim Armstrong
    Administrative Assistant to the CAO
    City of Timmins

  • 3.  RE: goals for new positions

    Posted 11-28-2022 10:32
    Hi Gena,

    Look at training opportunities.  What skills would be impactful for your work that you could take advantage of in training?  Is there professional development support at your organization to take advantage of?  Using your Association of Administrative Professionals membership to further your career, there are lots of training opportunities.  

    It is always an advantage to learn more about your organization, what is their vision, and short and long-term goals and how can you in your role support those.  

    Any position has an opportunity to grow to learn.  We are in an ever-changing world and change is occurring much more frequently.  Change management and support can be a goal as well.

    Good luck with your career.

    Kimberly King
    Assistant to the Dean and Administrative Supervisor

  • 4.  RE: goals for new positions

    Posted 02-15-2023 16:37

    Hi Gena,

    I hope your evaluation went well! Let me know if you need any further input on this.



    Caitlyn Hamblin
    Executive Assistant
    Lindsay Construction