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  • 1.  Interview tips

    Posted 05-23-2023 19:20

    Hi all!

    I have an upcoming interview for the role of EA to the CEO and I'm looking for tips going into the interview as well as questions you've been asked and questions you have asked, for similar roles.

    I haven't been interviewing in over 10 years so I'm a little jittery and would love your feedback. 

    Thank you!!

    Lindsay Collicott
    Executive Assistant & Events Manager
    Allied Universal

  • 2.  RE: Interview tips

    Posted 05-24-2023 08:59
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    Hi Lindsay,

    I found the attached (30 Great Interview Questions to identify Soft Skills) to be a good starting point.  In your current position think about  your accomplishments, goals, and what you bring to the table for this new position. As well, career projects and challenges faced-this is important because not everything is perfect and they want to know how you handle that. It is very helpful to see what you have done beyond the scope of your job. I keep track of my accomplishments/challenges annually to reflect on the past year. As far as interview prep, create a set of questions and answers and practice in front of a mirror.  Good luck! 

    Kim Armstrong
    Administrative Assistant to the CAO
    City of Timmins

  • 3.  RE: Interview tips

    Posted 05-25-2023 11:46

    Hi Lindsay, 
    I found answering questions using the STAR method is always helpful. Situation, Task, Action and Result along with lessons learned. 
    I have interviewed many people and the one thing that I am always amazed with is assumption. We use a  point system and candidates  assume we know that they have experience in doing minor tasks. For example, you are in charge of organizing a board meeting what do you do? Think about all the things involved in the process and let them know you really understand the finite details. from arranging travel and the paperwork involved, renting or booking space, agendas, coffee service, invites and so on. 
    Hope this is helpful. Best of luck. 

    Tracey Anderson
    Cabinet and Cabinet Committee Coordinator
    Government of Yukon