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  • 1.  Intuition at Work

    Posted 03-17-2023 09:52

    Good morning, rock stars!

    I'm working on a project and I'm hoping this community could help me out. Can you tell me how and/or in what ways you experience intuition at work? It might seem like a bit of an odd question or hard to describe but I'm fascinated by how often and in what ways administrative professionals experience intuition and how they choose to act (or not act) on their "gut feelings".

    Thanks in advance for sharing!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! 


    Jaclyn Falkenberg
    Senior Executive Assistant
    TriWest Capital Partners

  • 2.  RE: Intuition at Work

    Posted 03-30-2023 10:57

    Hi Jaclyn,

    That's a good question. I saw this come through and just having a chance to send feedback now. 

    As I think about intuition at work, here are a few things that come to mind:

    • Initial Interactions: I think this is the first phases of taking on a role or tasks. For example, when you first apply for positions, and the feeling you get when you are deciding which role to take or as an EA, which role to support. Years ago, I was in the interview process and would be supporting two different roles. After interviewing with each, I could tell one would be more of a challenge and one would be a smooth support role. I decided to go for it as a learning opportunity and my gut was right.
      • This can also apply to transitions throughout the years. My director, who I really enjoyed working for, just left. My gut started to feel drawn to work to some meaningful work in another department. I listened to my gut, and I have now been brought in to help with some important work (diversity and inclusion, values etc.). I feel a sense of passion while attending these meetings. I think speaks to following my intuition. 
    • Decision Making: I think decision making also falls under intuition. Ultimately, there are a lot of decisions to be made when supporting Executives or in office roles in general. As I begin a new role, I like to ask questions in the beginning to then be able to trust my gut going forward.
    • Relationships: I think our initiation always tells us who we may be drawn to, to learn from or build natural relationships with.

    I hope that answers your question, feel free to send more specific questions or I'm happy to grab a coffee and catch up to chat on it further!



    Caitlyn Hamblin
    Executive Assistant
    Lindsay Construction