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  • 1.  Virtual Executive Assistant

    Posted 03-22-2023 18:14


    I am wondering if anyone in this EA community knows of job sites/career or businesses that look for remote virtual executive assistants to hire. 

    Currently I am in a 10 year government executive assistant position with a lot of stress, gauging my options.

    Thank you everyone,

    Helene Sommer 

    Helene Sommer (she/her) | Executive Assistant | Office of the CAO

  • 2.  RE: Virtual Executive Assistant

    Posted 03-23-2023 08:58
    Edited by Heather Gronek 03-23-2023 09:04

    Hi Helene!  I've been working as a virtual executive assistant since December 2020, after my corporate world job of 9 years was restructured out during the pandemic.  Your options may differ if you're exploring freelance opportunities vs. employed opportunities with companies that hire remotely.  I've been working freelance, and have found clients through membership in the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants (CAVA) as they post RFPs, as well as exploring Indeed, and LinkedIn, general networking in AAP, networking in my local Chamber of Commerce, local and non-local Facebook groups for EAs, VAs, Entrepreneurs.  A note of caution to be mindful - for as many legitimate opportunities as there are, there are also a handful of scams, so it is always prudent to have discovery calls and fully vet the freelance opportunities, and set yourself up for success with elements of running your own business if that is something you would be interested in pursuing (contracts, insurance, business registration, etc). I do know that PwC is an employer that does employ virtual assistants in Canada as well and does pursue hiring in certain times of the year.  Hopefully this is helpful!

    Heather Gronek
    Virtual Executive and Personal Assistant
    Gronek Virtual