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  • 1.  Terms of Office

    Posted 02-14-2022 08:56
    Our Foundation Board has been working on Terms of Office. We have the standard "3 year term, renewed twice, for a maximum of 9 years" for Directors. We are comparing against other organizations (either corporate or non profit).
    I am looking for Directors and Officers length of terms, as they are sometimes different, even if no term is stated.

    Gillian Fernie
    Executive Assistant
    Shepherds of Good Hope

  • 2.  RE: Terms of Office

    Posted 02-15-2022 10:38
    This was the Term of Office at my former company a Not for profit organization. 

    "An elected director is elected to the board for a one-year term and is expected to serve for a minimum of three terms (three years), but may serve up to a maximum of six terms (six years).

    Ex officio directors are members of the board by virtue of their position within the organization and will serve on the board according to the applicable terms of the particular office."

    Preethi Balasubramanian
    Executive Assistant
    Menten AI

  • 3.  RE: Terms of Office

    Posted 02-16-2022 08:57
    Hi Gillian,

    Our organization (corporate) has a 12 member Board, and all directors/officers have 3 year terms, able to be renewed three times, to a maximum of 12 years. A former director can re-offer after a period of 12 months has elapsed.

    Caroline Dickie
    Executive Assistant
    East Coast Credit Union

  • 4.  RE: Terms of Office

    Posted 02-16-2022 09:44

    Thank you so much Caroline,


  • 5.  RE: Terms of Office

    Posted 02-16-2022 13:34
    Edited by Yvonne Arnowitz, CAP, CCAP, CWCA, PACE 02-16-2022 13:34
    Hi Gillian.

    Here at the University of Windsor, the member of the Board of Governors "shall hold office for three years, and shall normally be eligible for reappointment or re-election, as the case may be, for a total of three consecutive three-year terms." Maximum of 9 years.
    Have a good day.

    Yvonne Arnowitz
    Board Governance Officer
    University of Windsor