Preethi Balasubramanian

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After achieving an MBA degree with a double major in HUMAN RESOURCES & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, I started my career journey in Recruitment and Human Resources Management. While I was predominantly performing HR-related roles, I was also always involved in Executive support. So, when I returned to work after my maternity break, I transitioned into the executive support role. I have since then come to realize I find enjoyment in helping people and organizations become successful.

My philosophy is to help others find solutions. I help STREAMLINE PROCESSES, MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY and FOSTER PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS. I predict needs and practice personal accountability and am committed to excellence in service. I achieve this through empathy, productivity and astute problem-solving.

I am an avid LEARNER and always aspire to learn new technology or subject streams that enable me to attain greater success in the roles I perform. I received the ACEA (Advanced Certified Executive Assistant), CCAP (Canadian Certified Administrative Professional) and the PACE (Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence) designations. I also completed a Certification in Business Communication from the University of Toronto and Leadership in Administration from the Rotman School of Business.

I am passionate about both GIVING BACK and the ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSION and actively volunteers at events and conferences within the Admin space. I have been on the Toronto Charter Branch of the Canadian Association of Administrative Professionals' Executive Team as Social Media and Website coordinator over the last two years and am the current Vice-president.

As an AMBITIOUS, OUTGOING individual who seeks opportunities that broaden my horizon, I work best in an environment that fosters learning and creativity. I continuously find ways to CONTRIBUTE, SUPPORT and MAKE A DIFFERENCE to the executive and organization I support.

Whether a seasoned executive with a long history of assistance or an executive new to the assistant delegation, I always work COLLABORATIVELY to help harness the full potential of both the executive and me.