Christa Hiebert

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Christa Hiebert is the President of the Association of Administrative Professionals, Calgary Branch.  After faithfully serving on the YYCAAP board as Secretary for four years prior to her nomination as President; it was her drive to see a change in the women around her by changing the way we show up!  Christa’s approach to everything in her life is one with open arms, that no challenge is too mighty, that every person deserves a seat the table, regardless of gender!  Her life as an administrative professional has landed her in the middle of a male dominated world, which has empowered her to rise above the status quo and use her platform to connect with likeminded individuals.  The Association exemplifies how to change the lens of how you look at your “title” not so much as your identity but your privilege and to swap the narrative while being inspired, educated, and empowered to shine. 

Her passion for adventure and thirst to accomplish new skills is a true testament to her ability to lead her board and branch through one of Calgary’s hardest economic seasons.  From landing numerous podiums in wakesurfing after having two daughters to leading men through avalanche terrain in thick back country on her snowmobile; every challenge breeds a victory that Christa emulates through her Association and her passion to learn, grow and thrive!