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🌟 Developing Emerging and Experienced Corporate Board of Directors Governance Administration Specialists | Mentor | Advocate of the Administrative Profession 🌟

Mastering the art of Board Services Management has been an extraordinary journey for me over the past 30+ years. I’ve sat on both sides of the Board of Directors' fence, as an impactful collaborator, working alongside C-suite Executives and Board Directors in public and private corporations, and NFPs. WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE- Top C-suite administrators, Corporate Secretaries, and governance professionals that can manage, deliver, and actively participate in Board and Committee meetings are highly sought after in ALL industries - WORLDWIDE!

I’m passionate about providing support, mentorship, and encouragement to my peers, emerging governance administration professionals, and the administrative community at large, to be confident, effective, and valued accountability partners to their Board and Executive Management team. 

I founded Boarditude in 2016, to show administrative professionals how to Master the Boardroom and become the Board's greatest asset. EAs who can fearlessly drive the productivity of their executive leadership team, actively participate in business activities and utlimately amplify the impact of their Board of Directors are highly sought after in all industries worldwide, because today's Board in all sectors work in highly pressurized and scrutinized environments.

My aim is to share my hard-earned knowledge and help bring meaning and purpose to other's professional journies, showing how to drive success with proven processes that can be implemented over and over again.

I also work with the Board and Executive Management Team of Serenia Life Financial (formerly known as FaithLife Financial).